Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Ritz and Kettering

7 Jan: today is the Ritz. Most fabulous start to the day with getting up in time to say bye to Peter. Breakfast with Jane and then off to catch another train. Nice trip down with an interesting seat companion - part of Kettering 6 football followers. Almost compelled me to follow him to reading. Got to Charing Cross and met the girls. Wandered along to Twinings shop and then it was time to walk to the Ritz. Met Dawn so went in. Tried out the powder room and checked our coats into the cloakroom. Very refined and seated by frock coated gentlemen. Service was delightful. Tried silver needle tea then plain green tea, both which were nice. Sandwiches kept coming as did offers of cakes and scones. Most delightful conversation with some serious bloopers by whole party. Afterwards a walk around Fortnum and Mason's then onto Leicester Square. Decided no food was needed so had food for the soul instead and went to see "The Artist" which was the most amazing movie. Most expensive train home to Chartham and then to pack one bag between us for tomorrow's trip to Paris.
Many thanks to Stephanie for a great afternoon and lovely to catch up with Dawn again.
6 Jan: John Collett's birthday today. David foster came in for coffee this morning and it was wonderful to see him, just like the year's had not gone by. Dinner with all the family which was nice. Also got a we look at Jenny's granddaughter Emily.

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