Friday, October 23, 2009

Exhibition entries nearly there

My two exhibition entries for the Regional exhbition are nearly finished. i have used the book cover done in the Anne Brocas class for one entry and have to complete the book mark tonight before I go to wellington for the weekend.
The other - my goddess for creative stitchers needs more beads sewn on and her hair done so I am quickly posting this and running for the evening.
have a great labour day everyone.

Friday, October 9, 2009

pictures of projects

this is the beginnings of the August man. the circle of material is from an old school blazer and will not be completely covered. this man will also not be filled in as if to say all the inspiring ideas and creative thoughts have been spread around him over the past 12 months.

this is the beginnings of the Canvas piece called Heart of the cabin.
it is loads of fun and tonight i am completing the first two bars so i can do the next one tomorrow. This is from an ANG cyberworkshop and the third one my mum and I have done.

signed up and ready

I have signed up ready for the 2010 BJP. Yeah me making a committment early.
Had a great week - we had snow again on the hill (Mount Egmont) and it has been bitterly cold as well.
Mum and I have started the Heart of the Cabin project for ANG and it will take a while to stitch but I have a month for the first two blocks so that should be okay. last night I took my piece of the really big stretcher bars and put it on the 18inch ones so it is slightly easier to handle.

Nearly finished the August piece for BJP and will post the picture of the little red man tonight. Tried last night but no internet.

Halfway through the making of my Autumn goddess for the regional exhibition which starts in three weeks so need to get the skates on. The leaves are all lined up on the floor and I want her out of the way before night class starts again on 19 October.

It has been a busy holidays with two trips to auckland and one to wellington with a funeral, World of Waerable Art show, El Divo concert and catching up with cousins and friends also.