Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day three New York City

Blog notes
16 Jan: mum and Dad wedding anniversary. Went early and did washing. Tried porridge for brekkie but not nice. Booked tickets to wicked for Wednesday. Caught bus to water taxi and to Battery Park to visit 9/11 Memorial. Really cold day today.
Walked along wall street - cut off from traffic then water taxi back to pier 88. Bus M50 to Madison ave and walked up to 71 to Laduree shop. Bought macaroons to take home. On bus to carriage ride talking to ladies about a Sotheby's exhibition. Needlework samplers.
Carriage ride fun but cold, wandered to display centre afterwards, then bus on 6th/m42 to times square.
Did Madame tussauds nice but not crowded. Just photo op things rather than displays.
17 Jan; today was a wet day so we had decided to visit the museums. Got to the metropolitan museum of art and straight in as not too many there. Wandered the Egyptian section and was suitably amazed at the range of artifacts. Found ourselves having a restorative cup of tea and then into the impressionists and other paintings. So nice we like the same paintings. Contact with Ewan so we walked up to the Guggenheim museum and met him for lunch. Went to Lexington grill and had pastrami on rye with a snapper. Nice!!
Around the Guggenheim and was strangest artwork we have seen this trip. Back to the mma for a view if the 9/11 quilt and then hotel for a rest before hockey. More on that tomorrow.
Only one day to go and we will nearly be home.

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