Monday, January 25, 2010

activities this week.

This week has been a bit difficult as I got to school on Monday to be told that a member of my night class had died. She had just over 12 months with cancer but finally went to peace on Sunday 17 Jan. her funeral on Thursday was very emotional affair with her family and a huge turnout.

Our embroidery this month is bargello and the workshop at my place was attended by a small but dedicated group. I completed the decoration below which uses the pine tree pattern. I have used a rainbow gallery rayon thread and carefully chosen the variation to give the illusion of the trees. Was most impresses and Mary showed me a new method of finishing which makes a nice decoration.

Heart of a cabin is coming along and I have found that some of the threads are too thick on the 22 count canvas so altering the threads to use #8 perle and less strands. Also because getting the anchor threads is sometimes difficult I have been substituting them slightly. Mum is further ahead with being on the 3rd block. I am hoping to finish block two this week and even get onto block three.

My embellished canvas piece is coming along but I have not really stitched any since I returned from Auckland. Having an internal debate about the colours so will see what happens to this. May remove some of the plain thread and use the variegated that I have self dyed some years ago.

School starts in earnest this week with two days of power cuts so that will be fun with all the reenrolments happening. Alice and David did okay but Alice was not pleased with her results overall. Used my slow cooker for the first time and it was okay. Was concerned all day about it being on but will get used to it I am sure.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Inspiration Sorted

Just a short post today to say that I will be asking friends, colleagues and even acquaintances about their favourite song or words from a song to use as the inspiration for the pages this year. I have had a late start with being away and having visitors so have only emailed the first friend today.
I purchased a special visual diary which I am going to use to put all these pages in and so will be able to keep them together. Last year's journal pages will be mounted onto a wall hanging so needing to complete that as well. The size will be kept at 10 cm by 7.5 cm either portrait or landscape orientation depending on the theme of the piece.
Yesterday I walked to Onehunga and stopped at a patchwork shop. I purchased a book on maiking fabric backgrounds and embellishments so will use this to make some of the backgrounds for me to use.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Thoughts for 2010 BJP

I have finally decided. I will ask 12 different people if they can give me their favourite song, words, poem and use that as my inspiration for each page.
For January I will use my friend kim hopefully she will reply with her favourite and for February I have already got David's faves so the first two months are sorted.
Off to auckland and hoping to use this time for some design ideas so will take pens and pencil as well.
Size has been decided as 4inch by 3 inch as maximum and I am going to mount them in a book which I purchased earlier this week.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Decorations for Christmas

Two aprons named for Aaron and Nadine's wedding on Saturday. I thought I was not going to get them in time but Marilyn had them. They are done and I can deliver them to her tomorrow so that is out of the way.

Finished three decorations for friends in Australia for xmas and sent them on their way today with Neil. He has departed for a few days in Christchurch and I will be off to Auckland for visits as well. The purple ball is my sample one so the girls from night class can see what I am doing.