Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September done

As you can see September man is done. I realised as I was completing him last night that I forgot to leave the turn under for the edge so I will have to remember to cut the next one larger. I had lots of ideas for putting embellishements and fringes and other beads on him but he just worked out simple. My month has been complicated enough with Building my new house www.didi-house.blogspot.com and yesterday was a daylight saving sleep in day and then a flood in the kitchen so last night's stitching needed to be simple.
I love the printed background and over the next week I am going to be trying out some others for future use.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting Started

I have made a start by printing the background fabric with my computer and halfway through ran out of black ink so think i will change tacks and do the october page this month. I was doing a page called "Blackout in the Naki" as we had a game of rugby here in New Plymouth with our national rugby team "All Blacks" and they played against the Samoan team. It was an amazing evening with 22000 people mostly wearing black in the stadium and the effect on me was tremendous. It has been a long time since I went to a national rugby game (1989 in Twickenham, London) and I think I have found a love for the game again.

My piece this month instead will be the"New beginnings" piece and I am hoping on saturday to finish the machine work to the background so I can then bead it. Not certain if I will have sufficient interesting beads but the seeds will be a careful selection of greens and some browns.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting Started

September has arrived and I have had some many ideas for the first page that I have spent time journaling them as I am trying to move into my new home as well. See my blog for the house on didi-house.blogspot.com
This month I have also been to an exhibition by my mum's cousin Janet which has her amazing dolls and other things with some embroidery - that she came to my night class to learn. It was really exciting to see her faces added to bodies and also that she has managed to use the stitches in miniature (not using wool and a crowbar needle).
I have experimented with printing the backgrounds for my pieces and have found that my printer is not too bad but I will have to get some white material as the calico turns everything a bit dull.
Tomorrow will be a scan for the second page so I can print the background and draft out the final version.