Friday, November 16, 2018

update in time for christmas

beaded flower. really lovely
It has been several months since I have posted but I have been updating photos on my instagram account. In October I attended the Inpsirations sponsored stitching retreat "Beating Around The Bush" for the 10th Anniversary, with my sister. This was a fabulous week of three stitching classes - whitework with Jenny Adin-Christie, beading with Hazel Blomkamp and crewel embroidery with Margaret Light. I will endeavour to put photos of my work on here.
Ayrshire Whitework with Jenny Adin-Christie

one side of my needlecase
the whole experience was loads of fun and I really enjoyed meeting some teachers that i have read about and also discovering another aussie city in a new light. We went to the South Australian guild rooms and it would have been great to have had longer as it was so much to see.
Stephanie came over to join us for three days so we had fun driving around, visited barossa valley and Maggie Beer's farm and got the photo as well.