Monday, February 22, 2016

Its been a while

I apologize to any that check regularly for updates. 2016 has started with a busy time. As you would have seen from the previous blog we (stephanie and I) celebrated new year in scotland then we had another three weeks nearly in england catching up with friends, family and a few old haunts before coming back to a lovely summer at home. I had a week to recover while stephanie went straight back to work.

since then the new school year has started with our roll meeting ministry predictions and this is causing some concern for budgets and staffing. Still I go every day and get paid so as long as it continues that is good.

Joined the beaded journal project again this year as it keeps me inspired and also gives me a boost for completing items. My goal once again for this year is to document and complete one beaded item each month.

I have just spent a weekend at the beach with mum, stitching and beading with progress on Christmas wreath, shady colours and beaded archipelago (which is my BJP piece for three months) as well as a bit more done on a new name tag. It was great to get progress on all of these over the weekend. 

This is a couple of photos from our first archipelago class and our progress. I will take more for next month.