Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Stash deprivation continuing

Progress to date on the stash deprivation project. I have been trying to get one parcel a week done and so far seem to be keeping to this. using all sorts of threads for this has meant a bit of unstitching as some choices were unsuitable. I also have managed to stitch one parcel completely the wrong way but you will only notice when it is placed next door to another completed one.
As well as this project I have done a little on my Thracian embroidery, started a piece for a present for christmas and done several ATC and prayer flags for swap-bot. I had also nearly finished the rug I was knitting but discovered about six dropped stitches so had to undo a lot and have not really picked it up again. It will come back into the handwork rotation soon I am sure.
Along with stitching over the past month I have read two new authors, JR Ward (Maree says it will rot my brain) and Darynda Jones - funniest books for a while. This past weekend I was able to read the latest Jack Reacher novel "Make Me" which I thought was quite a bit mellower than some of the novels but a good ending. At the beginning of August we had a chocoholic night at book club which was great fun and I came home with a bottle of wine so that was nice. Thanks marilyn for the chocolate fountain.
Only four more weeks and it is holiday time so getting prepared to take macrame lessons with the ladies from institute.