Thursday, August 27, 2009

April BJP

April was an exciting month as my best friend Stephanie and I went to Sydney, Australia for a weekend getaway. While there we climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge which was a real challenge for both of us as neither of us are great at heights and my climbing with my asthma was an unknown event.

It was a magical experience and so neat I would do it again. We went up in the daylight and came down in the dusk so we saw the sunset over the opera house which was fabulous.

This month I have tried to show the harbour bridge in the background with me being excited in my grey suit. The blue was chosen as so much of sydney revolves around the harbour and while we were there we went on ferries, jet boats and over the bridge on the train so lots of water in our visit.

Friday, August 7, 2009

More stitching done.

I have a face on my July piece and the Little pink lady is the may piece. not certain how she came about but she is very gay and a friend of my March piece.
the background for May is my crazy machine stitching that i did a lot of several years ago and made cards from. She looks like a little cracker, very lively.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

month finished

I can't remember if I had posted the picture of March but here she is again just in case.
This is my July piece which I stitched while on holiday with my mum in Tauranga. We sat each morning on the deck overlooking orchards towards the bay and pacific ocean. It was wonderful.
This couple are the juxtaposition of the sea and earth on the landscape. The little lady is waiting for a face but I am thinking the earthman also needs a face. I shall see what happens this weekend when I do some more stitching on them.
The background was constructed with threads laid and chiffons in the colours of the earth and sky. I know the blue is the bay with the white of the sand and the green of the orchards. I tried this several ways but this was how it kept telling me to sew my people on.