Friday, January 21, 2011

A Busy day

I have had a really busy day today with starting to make icicles for my winter goddess, complete the background for an ATC and a beaded journal page. also I have spent 15 minutes at a time cleaning up my ipod and deleted over 500 duplicate songs and spent all day listening to the Kings of Leon. Think they will be my band of choice at the moment.
Also spent 15 minutes at a time cleaning up my desk area and have nearly taken every thing off it to dust off the dust bunnies (the power of 15 minutes at a time -
Also I have spent time tidying up all my photos from seven years so they are all stored onto a remote hard disk and then hopefully I will be able to get my computer fixed or sorted as I am not able to do anything with adobe files, quicktime or flashplayer so I cannot download any e-books onto my e-reader.
two more days and work starts again so going to spend several hours beading and stitching now and then to bed. Shopping tomorrow for new clothes (since I have a stylist I have discovered a love of nice clothes) and then gardening and house cleaning weather permitting.
Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Days at the beach

Mum and I have had days at the beach so that was great. We have done quite a bit of stitching on the light canvas of our ohio project "Walk on the Wild Side". I have completed six sections on this piece and am hoping over the next couple of weeks to get a flicker photo organised.
This is mum getting ready to start and the view from the cabin that we had each day. It was wonderful.

my section two nearly done. I cannot decide what to do in the gap whether to repeat the colour or to change it to the metallic thread. I will decide before I have to take it off the bars, I promise.
My progress to date. I have not quite completed the bargello stitching but I have made a start on the bottom three sections.