Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another finish

A week of  highs and lows in this country. The week started optimistically with NZ poised to win the Americas Cup. I finished twisted stitcher and completed the piece above Harmony -Earth by Thursday which was also the day we lost the Americas Cup. It was a valiant effort by our team but in the end it was money talking and extra millions we did not have. I am so proud of Grant, Dean and the whole team including NZ media who did such a wonderful job. It shows that we as a nation are supporters of all and we don't need to win at all costs. I will continue to wear my shirt with pride.
I have stitched more on amazing grays, as well as my small floral ribbons piece. Also started is the next beaded piece a red heart so I hope to finish that this week and post to Lynn for Creative Stitchers. 
The term has finished and I made an trip to Auckland to see the musical "Wicked". Stephanie and I saw this in New York in January 2012 and really loved it. I was inspired by the story once again and will listen to the CD with fresh ears. Getting to Auckland was a trip this time, first time flight has been cancelled but I was lucky enough to get a lift with a young man Phil who hired a car as he needed to be in akl for business. Arrived at the international terminal four hours after leaving np airport. Hoping that the flight home tomorrow is fine. 

School finished well with a cultural afternoon for the students and a quiz afternoon for the staff. We were once again the worst team but we only had five members so a disadvantage before we started. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Another month done

I have finished the ginkgo leaf for BJP and Creative Stitchers this month. 
The ginkgo leaf belongs to Alison when I checked my records not Glenis who often uses it in her sample works. As this was a pieces tried to do quickly I decided to layer chiffon fabric over the vilene shape which allowed the vein lines to show. Once I started stitching the bead lines I decided not to encrust the shape as this would takeaway the texture of the nobbly veins and bring relief to the smoothness of the leaf. I beaded the edge with a single bead buttonhole stitch as I will not be applying this piece and felt that this would give a suitable edge to stitch it on with. This was a meditative piece using a very  small palette of colour.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A week back

Its been a busy week back from seminar and things have been busy on the stamping up front. Friday night we had our usual evening with the ladies making a number of items including a card holder using pegs and crystal effects. very stunning looking. This week I have been to the team meeting where we used Gorgeous Grunge stamp set so it is now on my wish list and also went to Megan's for the first lot of Christmas card making. Using some of the sets from the new holiday catalogue, this was a great introduction to getting to use some of the stamps. All items in this catalogue are available from me and I love the DSP

On the stitching front Mum has finished the Sue Reed piece, "Twisted Stitchers" while I am nearly finished. Just the last two rows on the border to complete and also the stars in the centre need to be done. In Stitches is having a fat quarter sale so I got two pieces of fabric to make a bag for the Exhibition and I think then it will be a great little snappy bag.

Struggling with sore fingers and trying not to get a cold this week has also meant that early nights have been the order of business but getting back onto an even keel and waking up earlier so will have time for exercise in the morning, even if it is 15 minutes. I am so blessed to live in this lovely warm home and not have to suffer lots of sickness each year with my asthma.

8 September: finished twisted Stitchers and getting on with harmony piece. Here is a photo of both my pieces. 
10 September. Spoke to soon about not getting sick. Had severe asthma with cold so doctor visit and now the steroids for 12 days. I have had two days in bed with the ret of the week off so resting, sleeping and hoping to do some embroidery as well.

Also here is a piece that one of my students has completed and it has been framed by another student. Yeah Judy and Jill great work both of you. This is a Laura Perin pattern and here is my piece that I am doing. Much smaller in scale but other class members are doing floral ribbons and Victorian ribbons.