Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Holiday week.

Wednesday on holiday with mum and dad in Tauranga. It has been wonderful weather so that has been a bonus for us. Yesterday we visited the kiwi fruit farm that we used to stay at. A bag of kiwi fruit, avocados and passion fruit later we had looked at all the vines. Not in such great repair and dad thinks that they should have sold for the offer. House was looking okay but needs repairs. 
Back into town with a stop at the wine shop and lunch at palmers. Dad had the wrong time for his appointment so we decided to catch up with friends who own a cafe. Found the cafe, they weren't there but Kenneth who I went to school with was. Got to lawyers and left dad while mum and I went for a walk around the town. After meeting back up we went to the bernina shop and got an invite to the club class being held in the morning. Back to hotel for a rest. Decided to go to fish and chip place for tea which was lovely. A night at hotel reading, watching TV and embroidery followed. 

Thursday mum and I were up and off to the bernina class. Really interesting and lots of people. Learnt about different buttonholes and there uses: also great for appliqué. Next session was about making a woollen wrap. Was a great idea and might try from some fabric I have at home. Other product demonstrated was shrink fabric. I bought some to try when I get home. Back to the hotel to pick up dad and over to mount maunganui for lunch. Found a nice garden cafe for lunch. Had a great Kumera soup. Next stop was the packing business to meet with Helen who deals with the sale of the kiwifruit. We had a great tour of the packing plant and watched them pack the gold kiwifruit. For tea mum and I found a chinese takeaway which was called Rok the Wok. It was very nice.
Friday we travelled to Taupo so I could do the 100Km flyer with karen and phil on the Saturday. I was the support car driver. It was a horrible day as shown by the photo of the intrepid bikers at the start of the race. The race went along some interesting roads and both Karen and Phil felt the cold. Phil finished in a time of about 4 1/2 hours while Karen completed 75km and had a police ride to the end. A bit of a worry as she never went past me, while I was waiting in the car.
Karen and Phil off to the start of the 100km race.

Sunday monring - all recovered and getting ready to drive home.
Sunday we drove home in wonderful weather and that was the end of the holiday.