Sunday, March 28, 2010

another square half done

Heart of the cabin
another sqaure is done and block 6 is half done. I have completed the fourth log this week and with easter on the horizon am hoping to complete the block and also block 3 this weekend.

here is the half of block 6. the rust colours look really great so I am pleased and we are using threads as we go as do not have all the recommended threads. Some are difficult to get here so we are substituting mostly for silks etc.

I went to our regional embroidery retreat last weekend and this was a piece of completed work that caught my eye. i love the free ness of it and also the colours. perhaps i can complete it in beads. the big circle in the centre is a covered marmite lid so about 2 1/2 inchies across. quite a large piece

these are the cards we made at the weekend. Mine is not that flash but this one i really loved for its simplicity.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

another square completed

This week has been a very busy week with my goddaughters 21st birthday last weekend and a public holiday. On tuesday we had the announcement of our new principal, so that was very exciting and took up a lot of my time.

I have completed another square on heart of the cabin. That makes three complete and two started. only 13 to go. I am really pleased with this one as it has been a real struggle to get the right kind of threads - we have made lots of substitutions but that is okay we are still getting the colour values right. Mum has completed nearly four squares so she is ahead of me.

I have half done the first month for BJP and will take a picture to post later. It looks good but very simple.

Life has been really busy with most of this weekend I was at WOMAD and it was great fun, i have 3 great cd's of music to listen to now - jazz, irish and arabic. wonderful mix of things although I only went to two of the three days as I have too much to do at home.

Monday, March 1, 2010

concert was great - bjp started.

The concert on Saturday was great and we had really excellent seats - 6 rows from the front.

I spent sunday afternoon with Maree getting the BJP underway and the first two months are started. Bead selection for January is going on at the moment and I think it will be a very mono bead palette I only have a couple in the right colour.
Night class last night we made our beaded dream catchers and they look spectacular except I could not find the bangles for them to go on. Still we have stitched the start of them and we will be able to complete another one at our next meeting.
I have nearly finished block 3 of heart of the cabin so I will post a picture this weekend I hope.