Thursday, October 29, 2015

Stash deprevation: after a month

It has been a while since I have written and things seem to have been a bit crazy. The holiday break is over with a few activities to keep me entertained. Mum and I went on a coach trip to Pirongia Art and Craft Market which was fun. Would go again but possibly take the car so a later start could be made. While we were there we caught up with my cousin and her husband so that was nice. Our next outing was to take institute ladies for a day to teach them how to macrame. It was amazing how easy it was and the little group made it worthwhile. I think all the ladies enjoyed themselves and hopefully we get a few entries into the competition next year.

At the start of October mum and I went to Wellington to catch up with an old friend, Jennifer who has moved into a rest home in Johnsonville. While there Jenny gave me a number of her books, threads and other bits she is downsizing. I also was the recipient of the chair that she needlepointed a number of years ago and this is now in my sewing room as my sewing chair. She says it’s uncomfortable but it will make me stitch faster. While in Wellington we took David out for dinner on two nights at great restaurants, shopped at Nespresso, Pandora and Swarovski with a quick stop at the Christmas shop in Kirkcaldies. Lunch was had at Charley Noble’s which was lovely. Very nice, relaxed place to while away a couple of hours and drink champagne. Mum and I then walked along the waterfront to have a look at the "Scale of Our War" exhibition in Te Papa, an ice cream and the lonely purchase of a postcard at the gift shop. On our way home the following day we stopped to visit with Alice and took her to lunch in Palmerston North at the Joseph Street Kitchen. This was a wonderful place and a real find.

On the stitching front I have been busy with my stash wreath and although I did not get as much completed as I wanted I did get a few other things done or started. I have nearly completed another parcel and trying to stitch some of the surrounds so I don't leave the basketweave to the finish.

Projects I have started are my doll knitting (pink) so I will be able to return the pattern to its owner at some stage. I made these little brooches and also am making a few small gifts for my night class ladies if they all get completed. I also managed to knit another two coat hanger covers and make one up with two still to be made. This is a great project for institute nights as I can knit during the meetings. I have finished the bag insert stitching only in blue which I am hoping to give away as a gift (so now to make up the bag this weekend).