Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Arts Festival for Institute

I went up to the arts festival today to check out my entries. I did quite well with my Christmas stocking beating mums which was fun as both of us thought her sequined one would win. Also got a piece of gold work into nationals (funny thing was I only finished it last night and wasn't even going to put it in). My dish cloth I crocheted did not rate but at least I can use it. My cushion was not rated but at least it made an entry and my coathanger came first as well. I was quite pleased as it was a project that had been hanging around for a while.
I will put some photos up tomorrow.
My coathanger and dishcloth

Mounted goldwork style piece done in copper threads.
Most amazing - Mum came home with the silver tray for me as I had the best in show. My name will be on their once - hers is on the tray six times.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Giveaways on blogs

Linda Kittmer has the most wonderful blog of beads, fabric and art journalling. she is offering this dvd as a blog giveaway if you post  a comment on her blog. go and have a look.

Just been to embroidery guild meeting and the pulled thread cushion decoration that members are making is fabulous. I would love to be doing it but I will post a picture of someone's when finished. I have finished the first panel of my four sided bag so here is a snap shot. It needs a little paint in the hair styles and to do the eyes but I did not have any black thread at the meeting.
My geisha (little fat ladies) first side of the bag.
I will be doing some blog hopping this week as part of swap-bot so I will post some exciting links I hope. It makes it fun to explore new and different blogs. Something I found today was eyelash beading. google it and see what happens.
have fun this week in beads,

Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy weeks

Life has been exceptionally busy for the past couple of weeks but I have been inspired to take part in a couple of swap-bot exchanges. Lots of fun I did a tea-bag swap, fabric swap and am currently doing a blog and christmas decoration swap. It is loads of fun to get envelopes in the mail and new tea to try. I find that this time of the year is best for me to swap but I want to try and do at least one every month this year. I have my christmas decoration to make this weekend and I am looking forward to cutting out all the leaves for the christmas wreath.
my two ideas for my christmas decoration.

I am busy stitching on thefelt  wall hanging for Neil and Cathy but do not think I will finish it before we go to Hawaii. only three weeks to go and six days on the beach. Stitching is continuing on my 15 sided biscornu for night class and I am managing to keep up while trying to learn the new stitch programme that I purchased for my computer. This weekend I would love to complete the instructions for "D's the Letter" but I will be at embroidery weekend for saturday then as part of the Relay 4 Life team for our school from 5pm on Saturday to Sunday afternoon.
I will post a picture of D's the letter when i get home as i do not have a copy at school.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

More finishes

Finished my cushion. This is made from a silk material from J R Fitzgerald and Co, San Francisco and is a fully lined cover. It took me a number of goes to get it to work but only the inner seam to hand stitch. I was impressed with myself and unfortunately could not get the beaded fringe sewn on with the machine so hand stitched it later. I am really pleased with the use of the fabric and it looks quite neat.

Been stitching on my 15 sided biscornu so I have two squares completely finished and about 7 partly done which leaves 6 to go. Also have to get stitching on pieces for the Arts Festival and will have a little corn sack to make this week for the mice to come out of. I have also been writing my story about the village store so I hope it will be all right to put into the competition.

Went for a bike ride this morning and got nearly all the way to the school but ran out of puff. On the way home I pedalled more of the distance rather than letting the gradient and bike do the work so I was happy with that. Went out for a nice lunch and catch-up with friend Shellie and had the most delicious lemon slice at the Shakee Pear at the Stratford Pioneer Village. A great cafe and really busy today for sunday lunch.