Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Busy Finishing

The election day went really well and I drove into the garage at 8.59pm so I was really thrilled. a low turnout which was a shame but we had a reasonably busy day so that was okay.

I have been busy finishing gifts for the trip overseas and also deciding on whether I will pariticipate in the BJP 2012. I am debating this and think that if I do it will be a series of small icons, gods and goddesses.
I have done four coathangers, coffee cup holders and half done a runner for a friend. I was going to go to Marilyns tonight to get the binding put on but i have done some christmas bookings instead. the train to my cousin's is booked and that is another thing off the list. I have also made ten christmas decorations, sat at the Percy Thompson gallery for the art society and started two more decorations for the class on monday night.

Work has been crazy and I have had two hours out today with Ultranet training and all day tomorrow with the practical session so I will be at school early to get things done before the class starts. I have to get the newsletter printed and the office staff will have to fold the senior reports into the envelopes ready for handing out. We have the last day on friday with the junior students prizegiving so that is it and then next week it is activities week and posting out of reports and other things.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

guild christmas a success

The 2011 Central Taranaki Guild Christmas party was a success with 30 members and guests enjoying a night of fun, frivolity and friendship. I did up the project kit which was found on the purl bee website.
I had lots of fun cutting them out and joining them up with vibrant threads.
The bottom photo is some of the finished brooches on the night. I will be using the remainder of the kits with a group of students at school during the activity week. Lots of fun and thanks to Molly and Laura of the Purl bee letting me us this pattern.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stitching news

Just a quick note to say that i have nearly finished all the bargello on canvas two of walk on the wild side - yeah.
started a 15 sided biscornu with my night class girls and it will be interesting. think mine might become a couple of cubes by the time i am finished as dont think i will get 15 sides done.
also onto christmas decoration number 6 and about 6 to go but need to find some more balls to use. It is a small pattern called sequin dainty that I have designed so quite excited about it and very simple. writing instructions next weekend and giving them to mum to trial.
been reading up on stuff for election and have training day on saturday so that will be fun. watched the DVD and it is great.
will publish pictures later this week.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Present finished

A Runner for Heather
Marilyn and I spent an evening sewing during Labour Weekend. She showed me how to do the French Braid pattern for quilting. I made this runner using Kiwi fabrics for Heather so it was quite fun. Taken me a while to hand stitch the hem but finished half an hour ago so I am posting it quick.

I have made the quilt top for another one to take to England and I need to quilt it then she can help me do the binding again. I have also made the outside for her bag and have now the inside with pockets and zips to close make then I need to put it all together. My night class ladies have asked for a class in this bag so I will continue this next year after a saturday class.

Organised my polling place for the national election on 26 November so it will be exciting. It looks to be a busy day as they have allocated me more staff than normal so I hope we are busy to make it worthwhile. The training will be fun.
I also have three visits to the theatre this month plus senior prizegiving so life is quite busy.
Keep up the stitching as I have started yet another project.