Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Embroidery conference

Well finally the conference is here and I have had two days of classes so far. It has been a bit of dega vu today with Betty Morgan 's class but still we learnt some new things and did finish our little small to go with the Gathering for Winter etui.
Saturday saw Cheryl, Marilyn and I drive to Auckland to arrive at Stephanie's in time for a cuppa and then all off to Ellerslie Event Cetnre for the exhibition and merchants mall where we managed to spend a bit of money. Maree met us just after three pm and we wandered into the exhibition to see maree's pieces on display. It was fun choosing the ones that we thought might win. Marilyn and Stephanie went out for dinner while I attended the conference dinner with Maree and other members of our guild and region. The highlight of the day was the winning of the traditional award by Maree for her white work Angel. Really lovely. She was also given a merit award for her Founders piece so very successful evening for her.
Sunday saw Marilyn, Stephanie and I visit Sylvia Park for retail therapy then to Bean There Cafe for lunch before I went back to the conference to see if I could get into her Jo Dixey speak. Unfortunately I could not so Cheryl and I had another round of retail therapy and I purchased some extra things for Marilyn. Stephanie had taken Marilyn to the airport, but we were alerted that her flight was delayed and her arrival at home was about an hour later than expected.
Monday - up early to drive to the event centre and only had one hiccup being the wrong lane on the grit south road. Got to class in plenty of time to find a nice space with good light. It was pleasing to see that all 21 of us had completed our pre stitching and I was not the only one to use the pumpkin thread instead of the gold one. Betsy's notes are excellent and really detailed. if you read them through, it sounds like she is talking to you. 

Day 2 pincushions completed for gathering for winter etui
Waxer box for "its for Betty" etui
Day 1 class: waxer box for etui but still no cords to tie it together.
Day 3 and 4 sees me doing a class with Alison Snepp - a miniature white work sampler. Due to her requirements no photos will be posted but this piece is lovely and I am enjoying the stitching all though I have not spent five hours stitching for a long time so today was a long day. After class we went up to Silks Cafe to discuss class, have a drink and take part in a short quiz evening, where Cheryl ended up getting the highest number of points while Maree and I were in the next group. We all came home with a box of woollen threads but Cheryl did get a little wooden pincushion form which is cherming. I also got another dmc thread so that was nice but same pattern as the one I already have so disappointed. Well off to bed now so will post this hoping that the pictures work and if not I can fix them at the weekend.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Its been a couple of busy months

I did not realise that it had been so long since posting but I have been having a very busy time with school, stitching and swapping as well as card making on the side. For another month I have had to change logins and passwords for everything so it is becoming a pain to try and remember them as now you cannot use the same word again.
Anyhow here are the photos that I have taken of work recently.

The first two are brooches that I have been making for sale in the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford. They currently have a textile art exhibition so very fitting they are on sale. 
Flower Brooches - one already sold
Octy pins I call these. Having fun with embellishments
On the Stampin Up side of things I have had a couple of card nights as well as having the odd afternoon with friends. It has been fun but I am trying to use up more of my supplies so the holiday break will hopefully see me making some more children's cards to sell. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas.
My next big project idea is making project bags for my conference classes. I decided that I needed a notes folder for myself so that is what i made. Then as I will be in class with a couple of friends and their usual holder of a plastic bag is not ideal I have made one for each of them. Next I decided that Marilyn needs one for her Betsy Morgan class so a quick visit to steal some of her fabric and i will have it made next weekend. They have been fun to make and I am looking at making a couple for myself rather than just the one. This weekend I have to get all my supplies organised for conference - mostly just needles, scissors, light and hoops i think plus my spending money.

On the home front Ewan and Erin arrive today with Erin staying with me the nights she is in Stratford. It will be fun and I hope that she is warm enough.