Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A lazy day

Today was a lazy day but I was up and out for a walk at 8am. Went to top of the hill with no stops so was pleased with myself. Shower and breakfast with mu and dad. Ewan arrived for coffee. MJ then came with the car and us two decided to walk back home. We stopped for coffee at Pacifica Java whihc was really nice. The walk back was lovely but weather forecast is for more wind. Lazy day at home with stitching, playing word game with Alex and erin and watching the last two Harry Potter movies.
MJ and I walked up to the corner to see if yonder was open but she was closed. A pottery artist and items are really expensive, eg; $90 for scarf. Went into thrift store and found a cute poster for Alex perhaps, boy's flatting nutrition. Walked back home utter up and down streets to see where the water was coming from. Took a while and nice houses up there, would be great for MJs nephews. Back home and the ribs went into the oven for tea. Really yummy.
Finished the last hp movie then news, and live well channel, then home.stephanie on her way now so hope she is having a good flight.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Shopping at last

Saturday 27 Dec, MJ, mum and I drove over the bay to go to the fourth street shopping area in Berkeley. Had a little drive around some of the university first but it is mostly pedestrian walkways so did not see much.
The Fourth Street area was full of fun boutiques and speciality shops so that was s nice change from the mall type of shops. I took a couple of photos of the lights in the trees and as the day got later the lights were really lovely. We had lunch (pizza and salad, with beignets to follow) at a place called Zuts. It was nice. I got a couple of presents so was pleased and also a great stamping, paper making cutter from a shop called stamping territory. Biggest scrapbook shop I have ever seen.
The lights on fourth street

 The view coming home of the sunset over the city. 

Dinner last night at the devil's Slide taproom. Nice food and good beer according to Ewan, Tony and Alex. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Boxing Day trip

Christmas Day was a relaxed affair with mu, dad and I having a quick breakfast at the hotel before being picked up by Ewan. The children were up so we had a cuppa and then presents. Many more presents than expected but I recieved a lovely full stocking care of Mrs Claus. I also received a lovely cardigan from Mj and Ewan, so pleased I have space. Alex gave me a Loyola mug and bag, very excited as I will take to school. Using it in the hotel for my coffee. We had brunch then watched the movie a Christmas story.
We went for a short walk to the devil's slide and had this family portrait taken. It was the most beautiful day with only a slight breeze. A visit to wish DeeDee a happy birthday and then home for the feast with ham, turkey, scallop potatoes, green beans and sprouts and roasted beets and sweet potato. Steam pudding followed. Another movie "Frozen" was ordered on demand. Very good, was tired by the time I hug home
Boxing Day outing at the de Young museum suggested by Alex. It was fabulous and we went through the Keith Harrell exhibition. Some very weird artwork but I loved his chalk works from the New York metro. 
Outside the museum in the park area.

Mum, MJ and I at the top of the Hamon tower St the museum. It was a stunning outlook. Another great day, after leftovers for dinner we watched the November Man, good movie with Pierce Brosnan. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas to all

Well another year is nearly over and after two glorious days of summer weather, mum, dad and I are heading off to Ewan's for Christmas and holiday. It will be fun as next week Stephanie is joining us so we get to be tourists again, travel to Las Vegas , Grand Canyon and who knows what else. I will be updating this post over the next 24 hours as we travel through the night to get there this morning. A conundrum of time travel.

This year has been interesting with several stressful times at school, changes in our staff and processes which haven't always been explained well. Embroidery went well with most of the stitching on my major canvas being done, walk on the wild side is nearly complete. I have only one side to stitch on odyssey so that is good. Heart of a cabin is being given to mum for stitching in the new year. Lots of other smaller projects have been completed, especially if you follow this blog you will have seen some of them. I have several more small canvas pieces to turn into bags which is a good use for them otherwise my walls would be full.
I am still a demonstrator for Stampin up products and card classes once a month at my place has been fun with Megan and a core group of ladies. I have managed to spend up large most quarters without realising it so that is keeping me current. Now I need to find an outlet for my cards so I can make more to sell but not in Taranaki I feel.
I have designed another new ball this year and taught the class as well as made it in two colour ways which both looked good. I did not get as many made for Christmas presents as usual as time was at a premium this year. I will have to start way earlier in 2015. A goal was to learn to use the bead design software but i did not do too well. Sonia and I met most months to stitch, eat and dictate her stories and we have one nearly written. Next year we will have to write more. I think I might ask her to record herself when she is telling the story so it can type at my leisure. It is real fun and I want to see us get one completely written.
Must go now as plane is here.

 Mum and dad relaxing at New Plymouth airport before we depart.