Tuesday, January 3, 2012

High winds at Paitshill

had a quiet morning. Slept in again so nearly missed my porridge. Wind outside was horrendous and Stephanie kept mentioning that the wind was dying down. Power outage at 9.30 am so lucky we were at farm and could use the Ava for poking lunch. Lovely hearty casserole and tatties. Got to berwick station to find no trains going from there but they are going from Newcastle. Decided to get a taxi to Newcastle £80 so watt gave us some money (think he wanted to get rid of the wee one). Nice driver, Mark, took great care on drive with winds and rain.  Got on trail with minutes to spare and lots of choice for seats as train set up for Aberdeen. Journey back to Langham and my cloud bed was great. Nice thing about this breaks as I did lots of my Latvian embroidery and have completed the inside border. 2 Jan: Neil's birthday today so sent him an email. Did washing and had to wear my gloves to hang it out. It was blowing a mild gale but not too chilly so day was nice. Went down to the village and gave Ida a surprise so that was nice. After lunch went to visit Dave in his new house, which is really nice and suitable for him. He has done a lot of work with putting in walls, closing up doorways and even a bit of painting. Had a nice cuppa, Dave very proud of the new house and all his achievements.  Back to the farm via Eyemouth and the coast road to take in the sights. A new year's party at Judy and David Morrison's in the evening finished off a busy day. Was a great party really nice to meet some of the new neighbours and catch up with the old. 1 Jan a nice start to the new year wwith a sleep in and leisurely breakfast with David and Gillian. Travel down to Paitshill which was about 35 minutes away. So nice to see Watt and heather again, life has almost not missed the sixteen years since I've been here. A walk along the road feed the hens collect eggs and the Dave came for roast cockerel dinner which was really yummy. Back in the same bedroom not many changes at all.

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