Tuesday, September 4, 2012

WOW What a weekend

Just home from the PA's conference which was held in Nelson. This is a well renown artistic, creative, winery and orchard area of the country and home to the World of Wearable art show and museum. It was a great conference and time to catch up with friends from the past and make some new ones. I loved the session on Office products and have found a couple of things that I can use so will be trying them out over the next couple of weeks. Our thursday night dinner was a blast from the past with an 80's theme and I have seen Daisy's pictures so fortunately I am only in a couple. Nice one of the SWAT group with protestors. Discovered a new artist Brian Strong but after a big walk uphill to his studio we discovered it was closed.
Dining out was fun as Stephanie (who travelled down down for the weekend) and I tried the thinnest pizza with great toppings and wonderful eye candy tossing the dough in the kitchen, to the Thai with her friend and the Saturday market where lots of taste testing, as well as purchasing (aside from the chilli oil and great pancakes) it was a fun foodie weekend. Tried to go to one of the many cafes for brunch on Sunday but it was closed.
Had a wait at the airport but that was fine as we used the Koru lounge which was nice and relaxing - both of us on the Ipads and sending messages to each other as well. My flight home was the quickest layover ever - in one door and back in the queue to go out the next door. Definitely think this could be a place I could visit again so thanks to Ros and Alicia for organising a great long weekend.