Tuesday, April 28, 2009

six months done

I have done six months of the programme so really excited. Here are my six with two backgrounds not fully stitched yet.

March completed

My march lady is done. She is a pink floral lady with fun on her mind. The silk flower petals came from a friend's daughters 21st birthday party - it was a tropical theme party and Loreece is a very pink girl so the pink petals have been outlined with beads and then the young lady stitched with purple krienik braid. The petal area inside the body have been covered in beads. If you look really closely you will see where I have run out of beads but I am hoping to get some from my mum soon so I can finish the last little bit. (its only because I dont like the missing bit.)

I am hoping to get more lei petals from Loreece so I can make her a goddess doll with a flower petal skirt.

Part of my plan for this beaded journal project was to experiment with some 3d bodies to cover to make goddess dolls. I have partially done the first one and he is becoming a little caveman so not certain if I will cover him completely in beads yet. I am making some little faces out of polymer clay which can be attached as well as printing some on silk to apply.

Friday, April 24, 2009

March is in the pink!

I have started on the March page and I have been inspired by a 21st birthday celebration that I went to. It was a tropical theme and the young lady is very into pink. I snaffled two pink flower petals and these are the background with other pink material underneath. my little man is stitched around with purple braid (very fine) and I started by beading some of the flower petals. It looks as though he is going to have a very big halo or sun hairdo.
I also am going to try to put on a couple of buttons and other found objects into this piece.

Also this month I have been looking at the ways others have finished their pieces by checking out the 2007 BJP finished pages and am thinking of sewing a little leather top or side to each piece and making it like a book. I have mostly got the same sized pieces so this could work and a friend has an eyelet punch to make holes in the leather for binding.
My other thought was to use a found book and cut out pages and mount the pieces inside them. I may experiment with this also and see what happens.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mr Invisible done!

Well, I have finished two months so only two to go and I will be up-todate again. Here is febraury's invisible man. I am really excited about the way he has to be searched for in the crowd, that's how I felt, but if you look really carefully you will see the crown on the head of the man.
My January man is being started along with March's gal. She has to be a woman as she is all pink and floral and plays netball.
Hope that you are enjoying these little men, I am already thinking about the next challenge for myself which is making a goddess for our Creative Stitchers group here in Central Taranaki.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

December done

December man is done and I am pleased with him. Think that he his a bit scottish with his tarten looking kilt. Unfortunately he could not have his sharks flag in his hand. I enjoyed working this young man and unfortunately he did not quite work out as the skier that i wanted.