Thursday, November 7, 2013

My busy week and Successful night

It has been another busy week. Life has been a bit of the fast lane since
labour weekend when Marilyn, mum dad and I rushed over to Melbourne for Vernon
and Marjorie’s 60th wedding anniversary. It was an amazing party and so much
fun to catch up with all the family. How all the children have grown – most
are taller than me now as well.
On our way home I managed to catch up with Raewyn and John at Tullamarine
Airport – sat in the bar for two hours talking. Since then it has been all go
with the senior prizegiving sneaking up quickly and being a very successful
day on Tuesday 5th November.
This week I went to see a silent movie (Spanish) with Maree and Alice. It was
the story of snow white and the seven dwarves with a bull fighting twist. So
much tension in the old silent movies.
Last night was institute with a theme of the letter “M”. I went as Minne
Caldwell from Coronation Street (you have to be old to remember her). It was a
very successful night for me as I won the cluster with my granny bonnets and
then was placed second to a marmite jar for the costume. No photos I am sorry
but hope to get one from our secretary. Mum went as merino with her merino
clothes on. My second choice was to wear a giant ? and go as a mystery.

This weekend looks to be just as busy with lots happening and tomorrow is
Ngawai’s wedding. She is one of the students that I went to Australia with in
2005. I am looking forward to the afternoon and evening and hoping that the
weather cooperates with another nice day like today.
Then Sunday will be some beading and stitching as well as going to look at an
open home of a friends. I hope to also get some sewing done tonight. Oh I busy
I think I should be.
 My winning granny bonnets and prize for costume.