Monday, April 23, 2018

Busy months

Fiona's Birthday present. A project pocket.
Been a busy month so far with a few projects completed and others on the go. I made a project pocket for Fiona's birthday in this really lovely fabric and have a small needlebook to make to go with it. She was delighted with it so I was pleased.

Book marks for sale at Percy's Place
Next projects finished are more items for sale at Percy's Place. I have made about five book marks and have a couple more to make. I am hoping that these sell at the gallery as they have been fun to make but very time consuming.

I have also finished three perpetual poppies for Rhonda to sell, these are a new design shape from using the fluffy poppy that I made for myself last year. Hopefully these will be popular as well. It is coming up to ANZAC Day here in New Zealand so they should sell.
ANZAC Perpertual Poppy

 My last lot of crafting this month has been making some cards as I did not have any left. I needed a sympathy card and Jessica (from had a card which inspired me. I cut ten cards using purple and green card stock from my stash (so not the same colours as Jessica's) but go together okay. I used one of my favourite stamp sets for the flowers and also sassy saluatations for a couple. The top left card is from Jessica's web blog so I hope that she likes what I have done. I still have about five sets cut out to do but will make them another day.
Cards from recent day making. Top left was the inspiration card.

last project for the month is the Italian Love Affair for our embroidery guild. I am over half way with the Perugia embroidery and will start the Deruto next rather than the Byzantine one.
Will post pictures another day.

Anyway - one day left of the holiday break then a public holiday and back to work. My week off has become three days this holidays, but I have had time with friends and family so that has been good.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Houston. The kiwi is coming

Jan 10: a busy day. Up early and washing on even thought the weather looked dodgy. Meeting with Marilyn at the bank sorting out the parents took a while but no we are sorted. Got home and tried to do the final jobs but it all took a longer time than in the past. Packed the bag and only about 16 kegs so through a couple of extra things in. Weight at np, was 18.6 so very pleased. Got checked right through and up to lounge when I discovered that the the phone was on the bedroom floor. Amazing the staff at New Plymouth especially Gavin and managed to get hold of Marilyn a don get it back to me. I owe her big time now. A great flight to Auckland sitting next to a teacher from NPGHS. interesting discussion about the departures amongst the staff. 

Lounge in Auckland is very nice especially as it has a view now and so good. Enjoyed a peach Bellini and snacks as well as ordered a coffee on my app. Woohoo for technology. Looking forward to the upgraded flight and enjoying a couple of movies and a nice sleep. 
Weather forecast for Houston is currently 11deg so here’s hoping it gets no colder. 
Hopefully this is my plane 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Little shoes

its been a long while since doing any posting and that is generally because google has made blogger more difficult to use.
I am hoping that I can post a picture of my two pairs of fairy shoes. My night class group started to make these earlier in the year and I have finished both these pairs with another pair still to make.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Last days at Disneyland.

Thursday second to last day so we decided that today would be mostly Disneyland. We had a breakfast date with Minnie and friends so the Inn was our first stop and we were seated in a nice table on the balcony. It was good as we were outside and could see lots. All the characters came by and we gots lots of photos, but no Mickey or Donald. We did finally get one with Minnie. Had mickey waffles as well as tried out grits and other foods. After brunch we then went back to tomorrowland and did some more rides again. Decided rather late in the day that we needed to get a photo pass as our brekkie photo was great. Got all our others loaded as we paid for a week. Then spent the afternoon and evening looking for photo opportunities. It was fun and we got a few more.
Stayed late so we could see the fireworks and laser show so got a reasonable position. Watched the light parade again, did our final magic kingdom shopping and got home late ready to pack. 
Friday; last day. Our last breakfast so enjoyed it immensely and took our leftover food to a homeless person. Got ourselves packed, decided we had more room for shopping and headed off to California adventure for last pins, time at the midway for more toys and cars ride again. Had a late lunch at the Mexican and it was delicious. Sonia had not been there so that was great that we tried it out. We were early back to wait for our shuttle so enjoyed the time reading and stitching. Another longish trip to the airport and we were lucky to checkin and be first in the security queue so time for candy shopping. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tuesday and Wednesday were big days but exciting

Day four: laundry day again so we ate breakfast while we washed. A short walk to California adventure and did monsters inc and Hollywood drive. We wandered by bugs life into Radiator Springs.  Luigi was dancing as Mater ride was too long a wait. Lunch followed at the diner. Cars land ride was next and it was cool. We got a fast pass for Soaring again and then onto Ariel's grotto. We did toy story and the shooting was fun. I remember doing this with mum on my first visit. We played the midway games and I have a dumbo to bring home. Back to soaring and then across to Disneyland. 
Waiting in line for Cars Land races.
Back at Disneyland we did Peter Pan again (Sonia's favourite) and Thunder Road Railway. We had some dinner at a Main Street, grilled cheese and soup then I did Astro blasters. The weather was packing in a bit so we decided to walk home and not wait for the fireworks. On the way home we went to see all the hotel gift shops. It was fun. Once home I saw some of the fireworks over the Holiday Inn next door but hoping to see them tomorrow or Thursday nights.

Day five- Wednesday On our way into the park we got photos with Ariel and Donald Duck. Once at Toontown We did the Roger Rabbit and Gadget Go Coaster rides as well as have a wander around. We didn't stop for photos with Mickey and Minnie as the queues were over 30 minutes each. Back into fantasyland we wandered straight through to Star Tours for another adventure ride. It was full of snow, fighting and the swimming in the sea. Back out into California Adventure to book for Cars Land. While waiting we had lunch - in a Car lunchbox. Then another ride on mater's tractors onto the Frozen show which was great. Over to the midway to try our hand at winning games. Got a couple more soft toys to bring home which was fun. Dinner was at Ariel's Grotto so had the lobster tail and steak with soup starter and dessert plate to follow. Before dinner we went on the roller coaster "California Screaming" and I can say that I had my eyes closed. After dinner I made sonia go on the Ferris wheel and we had a lovely couple of companions which made it go fast. 
Looking for a sweatshirt for Sonia we finally found one to buy for her. The world of colour light show was stunning and such a value event and worth waiting for even if we had to have our rain ponchos on as we got quite wet from the spray. 

Another late night and then to bed for another start in the morning.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day three Dun & Dusted

Another busy day with a decision to go to target to see what we could purchase thatwould be different from in the parks. It was loads of fun finding things all over the store and we got some cool things to bring home especially small items and some minion macaroni.
Getting a taxi home again was interesting but fun. We have enjoyed the taxi service we have had. I am sure that we are paying to much but it has been great mostly. We got delivered to the park for the same fare so that was good and we headed into California adventure land for our day three experience. First stop was to book in for soaring and then we did a bit of lunching and had an amazing ice cream in a wonderful container. Will try and bring one home.
After riding Soaring we wandered around the Bugs Life area and did all the rides which were quite fun. Then onto Maters tractor ride which was hilarious and that was about the end of our time as we had to be at New Orleans Square for dinner. Time to do a couple of rides in Fantasyland and buy some more Pandora beads we then headed into the Blue Bayou Restaruant for dinner. It was amazing. Afterwards we went on the pirates of the Caribbean again just because there was not queue and also the haunted mansion. Then a leisurely stroll and purchase of Christmas ornaments for Marilyn and mum to the end of Main Street and our preferred viewing seats for watching the light parade. An amazing end to the day.
Photos will come tomorrow when I can put them on from the phone.

Photo from day four. I am confused. Having trouble getting photos to blog.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Busy two days

well the first two days at Disneyland are done. We started off earlish on Saturday morning and were grateful that we had done the mobility pass on the Friday night. This meant we could go stratight down Main Street, get our pass to Indiana Jones ride and go to the pirates. We walked stratight in and onto the ride. Just so fabulous and being refurbished with lots of changes for the new pirates movies.  Next stop was the jungle cruise, then Haunted Mansion and we then went back to do Indiana jones but it was closed for a problem. They let us get another pass for thunder mountain. We did Spalsh Mountain and I was pretty good at not hiding too much. A gentle trip around Pooh Corner and Thunder Mountain saw the morning nearly over. Shopping stops along the way back to Indiana Jones to find it still wasn't open. We then decided it was Dole Icecream and the Tiki Room, then time for lunch so a turkey leg at New Orleans Square was the order of the day and onto Fantasy Land. Another pass for Peter Pans Flight we then did Toad of Toad Hall, Snow White, and Its a small world while we were waiting. We were back at the motel about 4.30 ready to go to the baseball.
A great taxi ride and we were at Angels Stadium ready for the game of the century it was to play out. We found some food, our seats and settled into the evening. We had lovely neighbours that we both angels and twins fans so it was interesting and we cheered for all equally. Alberto Pujols was the star of the evening as he scored his career 600th home run and also had fully loaded bases when he did it. Only nine other players have 600 home runs so a special night. Due to this the game went until about 10.45 pm as we had fireworks to celebrate at the end as well. A long wait for our taxi home we finally got there about 11.30 so it was after midnight to get to bed.
Sunday - a slow start including doing the washing and having the complimentary breakfast which was yummy.
Back to the park and we found the entire concourse filled with people trying to get into California Avenue so we decided to hit Disneyland again and headed towards tomorrow land. Great organising we ended up with two passes to Star Tours but that was really fun as it was different each time. We blasted our way badly around Buzz Lightyear amidst lots of giggles and then went onto space mountain. This was great fun. We visited how to train a Jedi and had a salad for lunch. A much slower pace today as we interspered some shopping side trips event though we didn't buy much. After a really bad drive around Autotopia - we both would have failed our driving test we headed off to Storybookland and our next pass. Some more of the fantasyland rides were done, including Dumbo's elephants, Casey Jr railroad and the Carousel of course, unfortunately Mary Poppins had just got off.  We traversed our way down Main Street, going via the Ice Cream Parlour for another ice cream. I had rainbow sherbet which was great. Out of the park and then to downtown Disney where we spent some time looking at goodies to buy. A further wander down and we headed home after 5.30 pm. A short stop to post my postcards we decided to stop at Mimi's for dinner. No half portions any longer but we had a drink and a meal each which we did finish. A slow walk home and we settled in for a night in to catch up with tidying up and writing. Sonia rang home to see if all was well. Watched a movie and had an early night.