Monday, January 9, 2012

1500 steps and counting

A broken night with a txt and then a false fire alarm meant that the first night in Paris was fun. Up and finding a patisserie for breakfast, then to the Trocadero for Eiffel Tower visit. Cloud meant we caught the bus to the place de la Concorde instead and did the Tuilieres Gardens. Great walk through and into the pyramid-shades of da Vinci code. Queue time was about 20 minutes and then off to find the treasures which were amazing. Looked for Vermeer's Lacemaker and all there was was the mark on the wall.
Once we left and onto the bus again via notre Dame and champ de elysses. Photos then hotel for recharge of all batteries and back on the metro fort Notre Dame. Great photos and dusk bought more shots. Metro again and back to the Arc de Triomphe to climb to the top with a sustenance stop at McDonalds. Macaroons and more steps bought us back to the hotel after a full day of marvels and wonders.

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