Sunday, November 29, 2015

A busy weekend

This weekend has been a busy time with a Christmas function last night which had me cooking a turkey. Very successful evening once again and nice to spend the time with friends from all walks of life.  Some sad moments as well as two friends lost their mother this week and MaryLee also sent her daughter away on her big OE this week as well. 
 I have started packing for our holiday and hopefully the bag will be under the 20kgs, although more things seem to be going into it. I don't want to be cold. 
Today I went to the gallery and had lunch with mum, then we stitched for an hour while i was finishing another Christmas gift. Came home and made a few more Christmas cards before getting started on another snappy bag. Tonight making snowflakes for night class so that will the end of a busy weekend. 
A selection of cards that I have made to sell and other gifts being done.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Most amazing bag

Very amazed. Went to Taranaki Patchworkers today to have a look at the shop Cushla's Village Fabrics. It was a wonderful selection of fabrics but only bought the one piece as on this bag. Marilyn and Jill then showed me the grocery bags that were covered in fabric do after a coffee with them I came home and made mine. Lots of fun stitching and making sure the colours looked okay I have made mine. What a wonderful day. Finished two other projects today as well, hand towel for toilet and a snappy bag using a piece stitched at seminar two years ago.