Friday, November 27, 2009

It is here!

The final day is here and Warren has departed the shores for another land. Very sad to see him leave and hope that all his dreams are fulfilled.
School will be a quiet place on Monday without his John Lennon, Arsenal, Yoda and other esoteric references.

This weekend having the second christmas function of my year on. The A&P show is on adn Sunday will find me at the Gallery watching the Art exhibition. I intend to take some beads to make a couple of beaded balls as I need to make more for christmas presents.

If you manage to read this enjoy life, while it still shines and when the rainy season starts, don't live in the memories or regrets but go out and find more sunshine.

Been to see maree about finishing hte BJP pieces for 2009 and have an idea so hoping to find time in the next month to do it. I will then manage to post the pictures of the finished pieces.
Next years work has also been under consideration and extending the inspiration could be my theme.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

christmas is coming

It is now only a month to go before christmas arrives and it seems as if there is so much to do.
school has been really busy with lots going on and only three days before Warren finishes. The board is also in a bit of turmoil with a couple of people resigning before the elections next year. It should be fun.
I have done the first christmas cards. I spent most of sunday making cards and did a whole lot using one of the kits I had purchased from Megan. Saturday was exciting as I finally purchased a kitchen whizz and spent the afternoon unpacking it, then went for a walk to Marilyn's and did some stitching on my stocking. I will try and upload photos of the various pieces I have nearly finished as soon as I get the photos off the camera.
We have the homes for hospice in a couple of weeks and things are getting busy with getting prepared. Went today to see about the furniture for the room.
I still have two beaded journal pages to finish beading but have decided that I will not do one and get the August piece done and then can spend some time in the holiday break framing them up. That is my job for tomorrow - I am walking to Maree's and asking for her advice about the finishing of them.

Friday, November 13, 2009

news of the day

not embroidery news but still important in my life.
my principal, whom I have really enjoyed working for and he has given me lots of encouragement to be bold in my life is leaving in two weeks. Warren will be moving to Qatar - one of four local principals to do so.
still absorbing the news and feeling that there could be a bead page in there somewhere.