Sunday, January 26, 2014

Done and conquered!

We did it!. The Tenix Round The Mountain Relay team of Beer and Bubbles completed the adventure, did not win any spot prizes but passed the finish line in style. Karen, Phill and I took just over 7 hours to ride around Mount Egmont on a nice sunny, slightly windy Taranaki day. Phill started the first leg, while Karen and I went supermarket shopping for beer and bubbles. Karen took over the ride at Okato and did the 35 kms in 1 hour 13 minutes. I took over from Opunake and a long while later I reached Kaponga (26 kms) where Phill zoomed off up hill to Pembroke Road School. This was when the head wind kicked in a bit but by 1pm Phill and Karen had swapped riders, Marilyn was most impressed with all of us, and Karen had the difficult task of riding the head wind to Inglewood.
Phill took over at Inglewood for the last 20km stretch so Karen and I raced to park the car and ride back to meet Phill a kilometre from the end with beer and bubbles in our pockets. Riding the last kilometre we were passed by a number of professional riders (zooming really fast - they started at 11am) but still we finished as a team and given a warm welcome by those waiting.
Another beautiful taranaki day - what a great view to keep me inspired.

Along the Opunake Road
Finished 26Kms under my belt!!!!!!!
Karen says are we on for next year already.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Ready to ride

The team is ready to ride, just having a last cuppa tea and then off to bed. Early start to be at the start line by 7am.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Relaxing time now

Well the Christmas season has been and gone with great success I think. Erin caught up with the girls in New Plymouth, Alex went to a music festival with David. MJ and Ewan visited Rotorua with Alice and Erin as well as visiting Graeme and Debs and Hobbiton.
Some lovely photos from the party I believe but still waiting to see them. Have one so far which I will post here. It is of Karen and I so a good moment.
Training has been continuing for the big bike ride and I have had the bike checked over and a new tyre put on the front so that is great. Next stop is a new bike helmet possibly but will wait until nearer the weekend as may be able to borrow Alice's.
Biked 14 kms the other day and just getting ready to go around the Cardiff - Pembroke block which is about 15 - 16 kms so that will be great. Very windy today so good practice, Our team is beer and bubbles so you can all look out for us at the finish line on the 25th.
Been continuing to stitch on amazing grays and getting the background done but will continue with beading tonight. Also started a few new phone dangles/key chains so need to finish them to sell/give away. Fiona and Shellie visited on Sunday and we made some cards from the stash so have a few new ideas. I am looking at doing a mass card making afternoon with everyone making at least six or seven christmas cards with 2 or 3 designs so they have a start for December.Will see how it goes.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A very busy day

well today started out with nice weather but has gradually got windier and a bit chillier. I made smoothie for breakfast for Mj, Ewan and myself then biked up to Marilyns (2 km uphill). had a cup of tea, checked out all the party people then decided to bike to Cardiff. Alice tells me this is a 10 km round trip. I managed it quite well but think this was the tail wind on the way. coming back the chain came off the bike and I was a bit stranded as it seemed to be stuck. Walking  back the chain came loose and I managed to get it around the cogs and back on. I was impressed so when the rescue squad came I was on the bike again. A bit nervous changing gears but it seemed okay. Was amazed at myself and how I did this ride so hoping to do most of this each day until race day.

Had all the party food for lunch at my place, then the athletic amongst the family decided that they would have a father/daughter tennis match. Racquets found and off they went so Marilyn, MJ and I were audience and judges.A visit to Dolly's Milk after this and home now ready to go out for dinner.