Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lots of happenings

Life has been consistently busy for the last two months.
In August I ran a 1 1/2 day class for beaded ball 'Ruby's Treasure" which was successful. Also I completed the first in the year long banner series (an applique set). Did more stitching on Odyssey and have nearly completed the outside stitching, started sewing on the black beads and purchased some suitable bronze beads.
September saw stitching on Odyssey (only have the bottom to finish now as well as the beads). Nearly completed a square on 'Walk on the wild side', and started to finish two needle books. One will be a gift for Christmas and one for Erin I hope.
This month has seen me start the next banner (snowman) in time for Christmas, make a spider ornament for swapping and commence my triffid for creative stitchers.
I have been busy with swap bot over the past couple of months mostly with postcard swaps but I have done a white Christmas decoration and a Halloween decoration. Next on the list is a prayer flag and some more Christmas decorations. I also have done a little bit of zentangle as well as won a prize on

Creative Stitchers this month saw us printing fabric so hoping that I have some pieces that I can use. I have to make a prayer flag so that will be my starting point. Card making has continued with a night each month and making of several cards each time. I have been making a few more and now trying to use the Project life from Stamping Up. As I am a demonstrator I need to be familiar. If you want to see it go here. You can order it online by entering me as your demonstrator.

On the social front I have been to rugby with mum and dad several times and may go again this weekend as Taranaki have made the semi finals (top of the pile in ITM cup). I went to Wellington with Shellie to see WOW (World of Wearable Art) and Sole Mio. Both great events. Been to see lots of movies and really enjoyed 100 foot journey. Other things still happening are meetings, and more meetings, theatre trust, WI Conference, Durham WI and guild. Still it is good to be busy.

I have been doing a little bit of beading and made a decoration for the Hawera A&P show so now have to get on with the next items. Also Sonia has asked me to attend Eltham Ladies night with her in December so I will need to make some more snap trays and bags to sell. I will make six of each I think as if they don't sell I can give them away.

A foodie weekend

An interesting weekend spent with Stephanie at the Auckland food show. Lots of fun and different things to taste but not many samples this year, according to Stephanie. I still managed to come home with half a carrion bag full of stuff so that was fun. Lots of coffee samples from JED company so nice coffee as we tried one this morning. Also tried the cyclops yoghurt which was nice and thick.
Relaxing after the show at Stephanie's.