Friday, September 30, 2011

Chocolate Buffet and Rugby

One plateful of yummy chocolate goodies. the raspberry mousse was kate's favourite.
I went to Wellington with Suzie and Kate last weekend for the chocolate buffet at the Amora Hotel. It was yummy but the pina colada white chocolate mousse finished me off and I could not eat any more. Did not even try everything but the things I tried were delicious. The nicest was the chocolate and Guinness mousse plus I really enjoyed the hot chilli chocolate drink. The white chocolate drink was not so nice.

Even the decorations were made out of chocolate.
The high light when we were there was the Argentinian team came in from their training so Kate got a coupleof photos.
BUT - the bonus - we parked the car at the Intercontinental and who was there but the Australian Rugby team so we had a photo with some of the players. Kate got photos with Quayde Cooper which she was thrilled about.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

more Christmas balls on the way

I have been making more christmas balls. Currently I am doing a pattern from the Stitch magazine (2004) which is a petite ball and I call it a Christmas Orb as it reminds me of the Queen's Orb as part of the crown jewels.
Also over the next holiday break I will hopefully be writing some instructions for a netted and sequined ball so my ladies can make one for christmas. Currently i have made about five but i need to make it fit a bigger ball and use #11 seed beads so that is the next challenge. I make a ball and the next one I alter but for the class that cannot happen.

Also at the beginning of October I am going to be taking a canvas class for another guild and we will be making a book cover or needlebook. I have to dye some lace and do some pattern instructions plus I want to make up a kit of threads that they will be able to couch down etc.

This weekend I am off with a friend and her daughter to the Chocolate Buffet in Wellington. A whole night of chocolate and desserts, plus chocolate to drink and crepes as well as truffles. yummy.

Monday, September 12, 2011

more work done

I have been a busy beaver and completed a tiny kit from School of Beadwork - Double Delish - onsie. It is lime and blue and very cute. I am attaching it to a key ring to give away as a christmas gift on my travels in December.
Maree and I went to St Mary's Cathedral in New Plymouth last night for the unveiling of the completed Peace Altar Frontal. We went one night to stitch as guild members so it was nice to be at the end to put another stitch in. Now the construction phase begins and in two months they will have the dedication ceremony. It was a nice service with reminders about Parihaka, Sept 11 2001 and the way of peace in the world.
Also made the new decoration in Bead and Button and now have put the magazine away carefully so cannot make another one. oh well I will find it.
Nearly completed the next month for my BJP so going to watch some tv and stitch some more on it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A very busy time

It has been nearly a month since I last wrote and things have been really busy.

My Soduku - very halloween ish.

I have finished Sudoku and here are the finished pieces from my Monday night ladies. This has been one of our most successful projects for a couple of years with five of us completing it within the same year we started. It is doing projects like this that I miss Liz and how much she would have enjoyed doing this work.

Judy's piece - same colours as Sue
Jills piece used the colours as stated in the pattern.

Mum used a monotone palete which looks great.

Sue used the same colours as judy but quite different results
Mum and I went to Dunedin to visit Alice and while there I completed a mill Hill Christmas kit plus finished the Mill Hill Scissor case 9without the long neck cord) as well as completed the outside row for my Lativan work. I have also started the May piece for BJP 4 and am back onto walk on the wild side with canvas #1 finished and number 2 underway. Mum has finished one and two so she is racing ahead of me.
My Colourific piece has been received and the exhibition opens at the end of this month in Arrowtown so it will interesting to see if Skadi comes home afterwards.