Friday, August 12, 2011

Sudoku Finished

Yeah I have finished stitching Sudoku. Mum finished hers and the rest of the class have also finished this piece. I loved doing it. it is from the ANG magazine Needlepointers and designed by a lady we met last year at Columbus "Marilyn Owen". A great project. now to finish stitching on colorific and then onto walk on the wild side.

I will also have time to make up my book cover that I stitched very quickly using cornpad embroidery. I will also endeavour to get another ATC card done so I can send one off to Karen who I am sure is waiting for one to swap.
It is supposed to snow again this weekend although I don't think we will get any but you never know - weather forecast is snow to low levels on the eastern shores of new zealand and we are in the west but not much land between us and the Antarctic.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Colourific piece coming along

Just a quick catch up note. My colourific piece is coming along. I have added an extra bottom to make it more stable and then it should display better. I have stitched, stiffened and beaded more pieces and started sewing them onto the body. the face is attached and needs the icicle fringe now.
Still to decide on a final name but "Skadi" is looking like it at the moment.