Thursday, May 31, 2012

Days out and about

The last couple of days have been out and about (shopping in other words). Tuesday Alex dropped mum and I off at stonestown where we shopped for Marilyn's wallet with no success. No Chicos but we did get See's Candies and a few other bits. We caught the muni into town and went to Westfield Shopping plaza. Found Michael Kors, Vera Bradley and Chicos so did some buying up large. Another muni trip and to the bead shop where we did a quick listing and buying. Mj was waiting for us for the trip home so that wasn't too bad. Mexican from down the road with a margarita chaser.

Wednesday Alex came for breakfast and we went off into town for his blood test. Lunch was a treat at ghiaderelli square and ice creams. On the way home we stopped at a little needlepoint shop with a cute range of threads and canvases. Nice lady to talk to the home along the beach road, hoping to stop for a walk but road was closed for sand drifts. When family all got home we went down to the market with mj's sisters. Nice food to buy for dinner and a stop at "A Grape in the Fog" for a glass of wine and talk. Back home and dinner on for all the family. Back to the hotel after watching another giants game which they lost to d'backs.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Relaxing before the party season

Had a long sleep after the flight and don't feel very rested yet. Nice breakfast at the hotel and they had a pancake making machine. Push the button and out they pop. Was yummy. Just reading the paper before the walk to Ewan's and then who knows what will happen this afternoon.

Got picked up partway so then went into town to the flower market to get leis for the kids. Had lunch at Pedro's Tavern by AT&T Park. Nice shrimp tacos and margaritas. Ewan home with Erin so nice to catch up with finally. Alex also out of bed after senior lockin which is when all the graduating clas stay the night in the school with lots of activities going on; dancing, bull riding, movies, hypnotist, etc. he said it was loads of fun and the photos are cute.

Sat; an amazing day with a huge ceremony for 309 graduates. Met up with family afterwards for photos then onto the part venue where more family. Caught up with some past friends and met some of the new family members including brides and babies. Afterwards went with Mj to whites for more drinks and socializing. A good night.

Sunday: up early to breakfast as off to the river today. Erin, Ewan and us are going to the new house so that will be nice. About two hours north so over bay bridge then Richmond bridge and to guernville. the house is very modern great living space as you walk in plus two bed/baths. Master suite is amazing and closet is almost as big as mine. More rooms downstairs and over the garage is a studio apartment. Alex thinks that this would be his. Town close so went for a drive to the coast and saw the seals on the beach. Caught up with pat and Brian at Rio Nida for drinks and also Johnny and Katie with baby Willy. Back for BBQ on deck and sipping wine then to bed. Fresh air makes me tired.

Monday: great sleep in and woke to find Ewan made the river breakfast as he now calls it. Croissant with cheese, ham, scrambles and toasted in oven. Very nice with coffee. He went off to golf with Pat and Brian so we walked into town. Nice walk 20 mins I suppose and stopped and shopped. Got my posters to hang. Ewan picked us up and took us to the golf club for lunch with boys plus Mike and Diane (Pat's
brother). back home and more relaxing on the deck before drive back into the city for a new week.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Things are Finished

I forgot to post the picture of the Xmas decoration that I swapped last month. The person I swapped with was Ina from the Netherlands and she did not have any preference for colour or design so I was free to play with my stitching. I really enjoyed this little decoration and think I will make a few more for Christmas presents.
Decoration sent to Ina for Swap=Bot

This photo is the coathanger and dishcloth that I made/ finished for the recent Arts Festival for Woman's Instittute. I got a first for my coathanger but nothting for the dishcloth which I am currently using.

My next finish and Beaded Journal Project finish is my bracelet from a kit by Carol Wilcox Wells entitled whirling pinwheels. It was my challenge to finish it in april before we went to Hawaii but I have now finished it in time for San Francisco. This is My March piece for 2012 so I am only two months behind but keeping stitching and beading on lots of other things.

The finished bracelet.

detail of the pinwheels which i loved doing.