Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Quarterly Update

 Its been a busy few months and I have taken to working with felt for some of the time. A friend made the most delightful bookmark with a ladybird for me so I have taken this to a whole new level and created several for sale. These are at Percy's Place in Stratford or Eltham Honey as well.

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These crosses were created for a friend who is visiting South Africa and wants small gifts to take with her. I am sure the recipients will be delighted and will use them every day.
Unicorn - created for a granddaughters birthday 

 Bumblebees - did you know they are in short supply and one of my best friends has a honey business "Eltham Honey". These are for her to sell or keep, whichever she wants.

Mickey Mouse, the Owl, Cup of tea and hearts have all been done as presents for friends and family so I have the patterns and can create more as I go.

I have found a new way of stitching on felt and it is really neat and makes a nice edge. I also put a stiff lining so they should keep their shape for a while.
Next finish after 18 months is the Laura Perin Christmas Wreath. This is stitched using my stash threads and it has been loads of fun. I am hoping to mount it in a circle as a wreath that I can bring out each year. Hoping to get it finished in time for the November Art Society exhibition.

Latest starts. We have collected a number of these small bags from Air New Zealand over the years and I have been using them as small project bags. I saw a bigger one decorated in the style of Sue Spargo, so thought I would have a go. Here is the first bird one with pieces stitched and pinned ready to go. I am now ready to finish this one and will post it when done.