Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Houston. The kiwi is coming

Jan 10: a busy day. Up early and washing on even thought the weather looked dodgy. Meeting with Marilyn at the bank sorting out the parents took a while but no we are sorted. Got home and tried to do the final jobs but it all took a longer time than in the past. Packed the bag and only about 16 kegs so through a couple of extra things in. Weight at np, was 18.6 so very pleased. Got checked right through and up to lounge when I discovered that the the phone was on the bedroom floor. Amazing the staff at New Plymouth especially Gavin and managed to get hold of Marilyn a don get it back to me. I owe her big time now. A great flight to Auckland sitting next to a teacher from NPGHS. interesting discussion about the departures amongst the staff. 

Lounge in Auckland is very nice especially as it has a view now and so good. Enjoyed a peach Bellini and snacks as well as ordered a coffee on my app. Woohoo for technology. Looking forward to the upgraded flight and enjoying a couple of movies and a nice sleep. 
Weather forecast for Houston is currently 11deg so here’s hoping it gets no colder. 
Hopefully this is my plane