Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ANZAC Day 2012

Today is the national day of remembrance and it was a lovely day. I watched the Gallipoli ceremony on TV this afternoon while mum and dad came for afternoon tea. Dad walked all the way which considering one week ago he was in hospital is amazing. Tomorrow they are off to get a heart monitor and then another week and a specialist appointment.

News also that Peter and Sue from Melbourne will be visiting next week so that will be nice as it is several years since I have seen them and even more since Marilyn has seen them.

School has started well with an increase in our roll again and it is unbelievable as we do not know where all the students are coming from. We have full classes and hope that these new students settle in well. With more students we have more staff and hopefully we will not need any more until next year.
Here are some photos from Hawaii.
The beach babes at Waikiki

All the girls at dinner

Peral harbour and Arizona Memorial

At the top of Diamond Head. Great effort everyone.

The buddhist temple was a pleasant stop for a walk around.
Hope you enjoy them all.
Stitching: i have made two mug rugs for embroidery guild but neither are beaded so the only beading has been beads for my march bracelet. three more beads to go before it is completed.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

more family fun

Things have been happening since Saturday. Sunday we hired cars and had a great day driving around the island and although the kids were not allowed to go surfing they did get onto a beach. Tried out the local supermarket for lunch and they had an awesome selection of food items. We drove around some of the neighborhoods looking at the houses and found a holiday home idea for our family. A floor for every family, built down the hillside. Mj and mum thought that was a great idea.

Monday we went over to the Hanauma Bay so the kids could go snorkeling and swimming. It was cloudy when we got there but the sun came out and the clouds kept washing away.Cathy and I walked along to the end of the beach and while walking along could see the fish in the shallows. It was amazing and lots of different ones. Some were quite big. Walked back and got the rest of the adults to come and have a look as well.

When we got back to the hotel Marilyn, Cathy and most of the kids went off to the Ala Moana shopping Centre and did their thing. We met up with Ewan and Mj at the pool bar and the boys (Ewan, dad and Alex) went to the airport to get terry who was flying in from the Augusta Masters tournament.

Mum, MJ and I went off to a little restaurant for dinner and had a great night. The wine was almost dearer than the food but it was fun and we stayed until they just about bought out the vacuum cleaners.

Tuesday was the big exciting day. Marilyn and all the kids were off at 5am to go to the Big Island to see the lava park and volcanoes. It was a wet day for them but they evidently enjoyed it.

The remainder had a leisurely breakfast at the Peets coffee, Ewan and Terry organized a car, dad and I went to the post office to post all the cards and then the shopping began. Ewan drove mum and I to the needlepoint, etc shop which was really nice. We then got a taxi to the Ala Moana Centre and did the shopping thing. Found a few things to try on but nothing really grabbed me. Mum got a nice black silk/wool top for winter and I got a spatula. Caught the bus back to the hotel where we met up with the family. Cathy and I went to the gym for an hour – go me. Back up and to the pool bar after a refreshing shower. Dinner at IL Lupino just across from the Sheraton. I had the lobster risotto which was nice. Another expensive dinner but not my turn.

Everyone still asleep this morning, just seen Mj who has lost Ewan but did buy me a coffee so that was okay.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

To the top

Busy day two. Got up early and took dad to gym so put him on the treadmill for ten then onto the bike for ten. He did well. Went to breakfast then to the apple store with Ewan and the guy made it work again yeah. Wandered along the shops with mum and Marilyn tried on numerous togs but either need boobs four inches higher or a longer body. Got into international market and did some serious non clothes shopping which was fun.
Lunch at the rum fire in the hotel and then onto the activity portion of the day. Taxis to Diamond Head Park and start the walk up. Mum and dad got all but to the top. I did the last bit twice as Marilyn went up with Ewan but not to the top. Back to hotel and it's happy hour.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Well I am off again on another holiday. This time the family (extended) are all meeting at the beach. Most of our joint holidays are at a beach or have swimming involved. This time the beach is in Hawaii and we are at Waikiki. I will not be trying the surfing although I am sure the children will. Alice has got a week of events planned so we should get to see several of the main attractions, do some shopping (Sarah and Alice are ready to shop) and even do the beach thing. Stephanie has been so she has been giving me some advice on some of the things to see and do. Marilyn and thought we were flying business class – that is what is says on our itinerary but Stephanie checked my booking and it says economy. Thought I did not pay enough. Oh well business class will have to wait a month or so.

Alice is devastated that she is not flying business class as the last two trips she has had to Ewan’s have been in the business or premium economy which is great but she is not paying for it.

We are flying on Air Pacific so that is another airline to add to the list. I am wondering about lists at the moment and have seen on another blog 101 things in 1001 days. It sounds like a great thing to do but at the moment I can’t even think of one thing to do.

Having a fun evening with Stephanie as she is house minding for the long weekend while her sister is at her mum’s for Easter. We sat up just like we were still on holiday, planning the next excursion.

School has been really busy and this week rushed through with non-stop happenings. We had the annual Shakespeare Festival competition at our school and it was exciting to see all these students from other schools coming into our venue. It makes a change as we usually have to travel to New Plymouth to events. Relay 4 life was a wonderful time although we were ankle deep in the mud. All the kids really enjoyed themselves and I was very proud of myself as I walked a total of three hours which was good. There is a great report on our school blog I raised over $70 myself so that was above the target set for each person. Our final total donation will be known at the start of next term.

Dad and Rusty Barrett at Rusty's recent 80th birthday.

My prize winning exhibit at the North Taranaki Institute Arts Festival on 26 March.