Friday, December 30, 2011

Torchlight and Vikings

We spent the day exploring Edinburgh, starting with a walk up the royal mile to photo the castle and a decision to forgo the tour and have breakfast. Deacon Brodie's cafe was the stop for bacon rolls and the story of Deacon Brodie who designed the hanging machine that was used to kill him. Further down the royal mile and a walk around St Giles. This is a stunning church. Off then to the bus station to meet Stephanie's friend Isobel who came for lunch on a 50p bus ticket. We went for lunch at the Scottish gallery cafe again. It started raining so a cultural afternoon was called for with a walk around the National Gallery of Scotland. Once Isobel was put back on the bus to Aberdeen we went via the Dome Hotel, more shopping, afternoon tea and the hotel to get ready for the torchlight parade. This was really neat and we watched the Vikings head off towards the Mound followed by pipers and thousands of torch bearers. Met up with David and more walking to North Bridge to wait for the fireworks which were fun. The evening finished with the biggest fish suppers in our room and chocolate of course. Happy Hogmany everyone.

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Lesley said...

What a gorgeous picture! You travel a lot! Scotland is definitely on my list.