Monday, December 19, 2011

The kiwi has landed.

Got here and am at Tina's tucked up in bed having more snoozes. We were very lucky and got an upgrade into premium class for the first leg of our journey. Optimistic we were that this would continue!! Very long flight from LA and the plane was full but we got two seats each. Was fun watched a number of movies (500 days of summer was funny). Nice food as usual and was pleased to see land.

Met up with Tina at airport so she got to meet Stephanie and Mark and the boys so that was great. Home to Croxley and streets looked a little like I remember with wonderful houses and trees. Tina has a nice place with lots of space and a big garden which they use so that is fun. Went for a crisp walk and toured the neighbourhood, temp was about 2 deg. Great sleep couldn't keep my eyes open after dinner (Craig cooked roast chicken, so yummy). Now having some more sleep then get up and take a walk before heading out to meet up with Dawn at Debden.

Almost snowing on the way from the airport.
I'll keep posting Merry Christmas all. The Nativity is a great English film.

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