Monday, December 12, 2011

Last week and getting excited

Only five sleeps to go. Getting excited about the travels, but still busy at work and hoping to get all the jobs finished before thursday.
Lunch out today with the senior management team and they were all very impressed with our presents. Weigh in Fridays club has been a success in that we managed to pay ourselves lots of money to buy presents and go out for lunch and movies but not so much in the weight loss field. Still it saved us all putting in money for the presents and we managed to buy really nice things this year. Red / Yellow card cufflinks for Phil, a mini cake stand for Barbara and a mouse magnetic noughts and crosses for Wayne.
Opened a couple of Christmas presents tonight, since I will be in England I am not taking them with me.
Suzie gave me a trendy passport cover and luggage labels and Toni and Jack gave me a mini casserole dish and spoon. Most awesome as I love the microstoven ware by Maxwell and Williams. I now have four pieces.

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