Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Castles and beaches

Christmas day was exciting with lots of present unwrapping and even Emma got into the act with tearing open the paper. I was spoilt with gifts from Virginia and Mark as well as the children gave me a present - a felt kit to make cake pincushions. (NB: I have already started the first one). Santa also left a big bag of chocolates and little gifts for myself and Stephanie. I have it on good authority that Santa is a big choclate fan.

Luke and Callum waiting with anticipation for more presents.

Boxing Day saw us pack the car and head off to Leeds Castle. Virginia informed us as we got there that we would be doing the Christmas trail - a scavenger hunt for clues to a fairytale and then we could have fun in the play area. The treasure hunt did not include the tour of the castle which was a side trip but the castle was beautifully decorated for christmas with a chocolate room, swanlake room and even an ice queen in the bathroom. Most fun was had in the big kids play area with Mark spinning the merry go round for Callum, Luke and myself.

Today we went to look at the beach at Whitstable via Chilhum. Chilhum is a village that appears in a number of movies and television series as it is very pictureseque and good for filming period pieces. The church at Chilhum was lovely and very majestic despite its tiny size. Also straight onto the market square is the required stately home which has its gardens open during the summer for people to visit. Houses all around were decorated for christmas as well. We got to Whitstable and walked down to the harbour then along the main road where we saw a number of shops open with sale items. On the way back we walked along the beach front (typical english beach with no sand just stones) with a stop for hot chips at the harbour, then more beachside walking until we passed all the beach huts. (£20000 these will sell for). Back home again and roast lamb for dinner tonight. Yumm!!

Stephanie and Virginia at the beach in Whitstable

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