Sunday, December 25, 2011

Canterbury cathedral

Yesterday Stephanie and I spent the day in Canterbury. It was fun shopping and I got some cool Christmas cards for next year. We had a yummy stop at the patisserie for morning tea then lunch was a Cornish pasty. The cathedral carol service started at 3pm but we were seated at 1.45 ish and only just managed to find a great seat in the nave. When the service started the lights dimmed and a choir boy soloist started with "Once in royal david's city" my all time favourite hymn. You could have heard a pin drop and it was spine chilling as only a few lights on. The Dean of Cathedral gave the homily and used his satnav as an entertains example. The service finished with the archbishop giving the last lesson. Very nice and he looked wonderful. Stephanie and I wandered around the quire area afterward and when leaving shook hands with the Dean and Archbishop. I was very cheeky and got a photo with the archbishop as I was the last person there. He was lovely and said he might be coming to NZ next year.
Me and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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