Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A lazy day

Today was a lazy day but I was up and out for a walk at 8am. Went to top of the hill with no stops so was pleased with myself. Shower and breakfast with mu and dad. Ewan arrived for coffee. MJ then came with the car and us two decided to walk back home. We stopped for coffee at Pacifica Java whihc was really nice. The walk back was lovely but weather forecast is for more wind. Lazy day at home with stitching, playing word game with Alex and erin and watching the last two Harry Potter movies.
MJ and I walked up to the corner to see if yonder was open but she was closed. A pottery artist and items are really expensive, eg; $90 for scarf. Went into thrift store and found a cute poster for Alex perhaps, boy's flatting nutrition. Walked back home utter up and down streets to see where the water was coming from. Took a while and nice houses up there, would be great for MJs nephews. Back home and the ribs went into the oven for tea. Really yummy.
Finished the last hp movie then news, and live well channel, then home.stephanie on her way now so hope she is having a good flight.

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