Saturday, December 27, 2014

Boxing Day trip

Christmas Day was a relaxed affair with mu, dad and I having a quick breakfast at the hotel before being picked up by Ewan. The children were up so we had a cuppa and then presents. Many more presents than expected but I recieved a lovely full stocking care of Mrs Claus. I also received a lovely cardigan from Mj and Ewan, so pleased I have space. Alex gave me a Loyola mug and bag, very excited as I will take to school. Using it in the hotel for my coffee. We had brunch then watched the movie a Christmas story.
We went for a short walk to the devil's slide and had this family portrait taken. It was the most beautiful day with only a slight breeze. A visit to wish DeeDee a happy birthday and then home for the feast with ham, turkey, scallop potatoes, green beans and sprouts and roasted beets and sweet potato. Steam pudding followed. Another movie "Frozen" was ordered on demand. Very good, was tired by the time I hug home
Boxing Day outing at the de Young museum suggested by Alex. It was fabulous and we went through the Keith Harrell exhibition. Some very weird artwork but I loved his chalk works from the New York metro. 
Outside the museum in the park area.

Mum, MJ and I at the top of the Hamon tower St the museum. It was a stunning outlook. Another great day, after leftovers for dinner we watched the November Man, good movie with Pierce Brosnan. 

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