Sunday, December 28, 2014

Shopping at last

Saturday 27 Dec, MJ, mum and I drove over the bay to go to the fourth street shopping area in Berkeley. Had a little drive around some of the university first but it is mostly pedestrian walkways so did not see much.
The Fourth Street area was full of fun boutiques and speciality shops so that was s nice change from the mall type of shops. I took a couple of photos of the lights in the trees and as the day got later the lights were really lovely. We had lunch (pizza and salad, with beignets to follow) at a place called Zuts. It was nice. I got a couple of presents so was pleased and also a great stamping, paper making cutter from a shop called stamping territory. Biggest scrapbook shop I have ever seen.
The lights on fourth street

 The view coming home of the sunset over the city. 

Dinner last night at the devil's Slide taproom. Nice food and good beer according to Ewan, Tony and Alex. 

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Stephanie said...

Pleased you have been able to get your shopping fix!