Friday, April 6, 2012

Well I am off again on another holiday. This time the family (extended) are all meeting at the beach. Most of our joint holidays are at a beach or have swimming involved. This time the beach is in Hawaii and we are at Waikiki. I will not be trying the surfing although I am sure the children will. Alice has got a week of events planned so we should get to see several of the main attractions, do some shopping (Sarah and Alice are ready to shop) and even do the beach thing. Stephanie has been so she has been giving me some advice on some of the things to see and do. Marilyn and thought we were flying business class – that is what is says on our itinerary but Stephanie checked my booking and it says economy. Thought I did not pay enough. Oh well business class will have to wait a month or so.

Alice is devastated that she is not flying business class as the last two trips she has had to Ewan’s have been in the business or premium economy which is great but she is not paying for it.

We are flying on Air Pacific so that is another airline to add to the list. I am wondering about lists at the moment and have seen on another blog 101 things in 1001 days. It sounds like a great thing to do but at the moment I can’t even think of one thing to do.

Having a fun evening with Stephanie as she is house minding for the long weekend while her sister is at her mum’s for Easter. We sat up just like we were still on holiday, planning the next excursion.

School has been really busy and this week rushed through with non-stop happenings. We had the annual Shakespeare Festival competition at our school and it was exciting to see all these students from other schools coming into our venue. It makes a change as we usually have to travel to New Plymouth to events. Relay 4 life was a wonderful time although we were ankle deep in the mud. All the kids really enjoyed themselves and I was very proud of myself as I walked a total of three hours which was good. There is a great report on our school blog I raised over $70 myself so that was above the target set for each person. Our final total donation will be known at the start of next term.

Dad and Rusty Barrett at Rusty's recent 80th birthday.

My prize winning exhibit at the North Taranaki Institute Arts Festival on 26 March.

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