Sunday, April 8, 2012

To the top

Busy day two. Got up early and took dad to gym so put him on the treadmill for ten then onto the bike for ten. He did well. Went to breakfast then to the apple store with Ewan and the guy made it work again yeah. Wandered along the shops with mum and Marilyn tried on numerous togs but either need boobs four inches higher or a longer body. Got into international market and did some serious non clothes shopping which was fun.
Lunch at the rum fire in the hotel and then onto the activity portion of the day. Taxis to Diamond Head Park and start the walk up. Mum and dad got all but to the top. I did the last bit twice as Marilyn went up with Ewan but not to the top. Back to hotel and it's happy hour.

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Diane said...

Good to see you are doing some exercise. Impressed you got to top of Dianmond Head!