Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Arts Festival for Institute

I went up to the arts festival today to check out my entries. I did quite well with my Christmas stocking beating mums which was fun as both of us thought her sequined one would win. Also got a piece of gold work into nationals (funny thing was I only finished it last night and wasn't even going to put it in). My dish cloth I crocheted did not rate but at least I can use it. My cushion was not rated but at least it made an entry and my coathanger came first as well. I was quite pleased as it was a project that had been hanging around for a while.
I will put some photos up tomorrow.
My coathanger and dishcloth

Mounted goldwork style piece done in copper threads.
Most amazing - Mum came home with the silver tray for me as I had the best in show. My name will be on their once - hers is on the tray six times.

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