Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ANZAC Day 2012

Today is the national day of remembrance and it was a lovely day. I watched the Gallipoli ceremony on TV this afternoon while mum and dad came for afternoon tea. Dad walked all the way which considering one week ago he was in hospital is amazing. Tomorrow they are off to get a heart monitor and then another week and a specialist appointment.

News also that Peter and Sue from Melbourne will be visiting next week so that will be nice as it is several years since I have seen them and even more since Marilyn has seen them.

School has started well with an increase in our roll again and it is unbelievable as we do not know where all the students are coming from. We have full classes and hope that these new students settle in well. With more students we have more staff and hopefully we will not need any more until next year.
Here are some photos from Hawaii.
The beach babes at Waikiki

All the girls at dinner

Peral harbour and Arizona Memorial

At the top of Diamond Head. Great effort everyone.

The buddhist temple was a pleasant stop for a walk around.
Hope you enjoy them all.
Stitching: i have made two mug rugs for embroidery guild but neither are beaded so the only beading has been beads for my march bracelet. three more beads to go before it is completed.

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