Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tuesday and Wednesday were big days but exciting

Day four: laundry day again so we ate breakfast while we washed. A short walk to California adventure and did monsters inc and Hollywood drive. We wandered by bugs life into Radiator Springs.  Luigi was dancing as Mater ride was too long a wait. Lunch followed at the diner. Cars land ride was next and it was cool. We got a fast pass for Soaring again and then onto Ariel's grotto. We did toy story and the shooting was fun. I remember doing this with mum on my first visit. We played the midway games and I have a dumbo to bring home. Back to soaring and then across to Disneyland. 
Waiting in line for Cars Land races.
Back at Disneyland we did Peter Pan again (Sonia's favourite) and Thunder Road Railway. We had some dinner at a Main Street, grilled cheese and soup then I did Astro blasters. The weather was packing in a bit so we decided to walk home and not wait for the fireworks. On the way home we went to see all the hotel gift shops. It was fun. Once home I saw some of the fireworks over the Holiday Inn next door but hoping to see them tomorrow or Thursday nights.

Day five- Wednesday On our way into the park we got photos with Ariel and Donald Duck. Once at Toontown We did the Roger Rabbit and Gadget Go Coaster rides as well as have a wander around. We didn't stop for photos with Mickey and Minnie as the queues were over 30 minutes each. Back into fantasyland we wandered straight through to Star Tours for another adventure ride. It was full of snow, fighting and the swimming in the sea. Back out into California Adventure to book for Cars Land. While waiting we had lunch - in a Car lunchbox. Then another ride on mater's tractors onto the Frozen show which was great. Over to the midway to try our hand at winning games. Got a couple more soft toys to bring home which was fun. Dinner was at Ariel's Grotto so had the lobster tail and steak with soup starter and dessert plate to follow. Before dinner we went on the roller coaster "California Screaming" and I can say that I had my eyes closed. After dinner I made sonia go on the Ferris wheel and we had a lovely couple of companions which made it go fast. 
Looking for a sweatshirt for Sonia we finally found one to buy for her. The world of colour light show was stunning and such a value event and worth waiting for even if we had to have our rain ponchos on as we got quite wet from the spray. 

Another late night and then to bed for another start in the morning.