Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day three Dun & Dusted

Another busy day with a decision to go to target to see what we could purchase thatwould be different from in the parks. It was loads of fun finding things all over the store and we got some cool things to bring home especially small items and some minion macaroni.
Getting a taxi home again was interesting but fun. We have enjoyed the taxi service we have had. I am sure that we are paying to much but it has been great mostly. We got delivered to the park for the same fare so that was good and we headed into California adventure land for our day three experience. First stop was to book in for soaring and then we did a bit of lunching and had an amazing ice cream in a wonderful container. Will try and bring one home.
After riding Soaring we wandered around the Bugs Life area and did all the rides which were quite fun. Then onto Maters tractor ride which was hilarious and that was about the end of our time as we had to be at New Orleans Square for dinner. Time to do a couple of rides in Fantasyland and buy some more Pandora beads we then headed into the Blue Bayou Restaruant for dinner. It was amazing. Afterwards we went on the pirates of the Caribbean again just because there was not queue and also the haunted mansion. Then a leisurely stroll and purchase of Christmas ornaments for Marilyn and mum to the end of Main Street and our preferred viewing seats for watching the light parade. An amazing end to the day.
Photos will come tomorrow when I can put them on from the phone.

Photo from day four. I am confused. Having trouble getting photos to blog.

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