Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend cooking

This weekend was a wonderful time spent with one of my best friends, Sonia. Saturday was a quick shopping and visiting trip to New Plymouth. Then home for a lunch and time to get Sonia's project life organised. Saturday night was roast dinner at Marilyn's celebrating mums birthday and David being home from university. I then went home to change into my beach dress for the school ball "the Beach Ball". It was loads of fun and the students were the best at dancing and having a good time. Lots of great dancers and the boys were certainly more into dancing than the girls. I was home in time to turn into Cinderella so that was good.

Sunday I was up early to back and cook lunch for Sonia who was coming to make cards. I made individual fudge cakes for supper on Thursday at institute, and more of them for school on Thursday for Fiona. The items in the square baking tins are potato puffs. These are my favourite lunch dish but does require cooking the potatoes the day before. Sonia really enjoyed lunch as I made quinoa salad as well so that was good.
Below are the cards that we made. It was just from a card idea on Jessica Taylor's blog so we worked well and it was a fun afternoon. The cards were all just general ones and I am thinking about taking some to friends to sell. 

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