Saturday, July 25, 2015

Twin fancy finished

Finally a beaded design finished this year. I saw a picture of this on pinterest and was not able to follow the links to find the pattern so decided to attempt it myself. It has taken a while and I think I would like to have a bigger difference in the ball sizes so am going to start another one which will a class for next year I hope. 

Next challenge is to learn macrame to take a class for institute for bracelet making. Mum and I will be taking it so I am going to make simple kits that people can then take home to make there own. I have decided that these will only be to make a sample not a whole bracelet as the number of people that do not finish is astounding. I will supply a could of patterns found for free on the internet as well.

Next up is the continuing of shady colours two. I have most of the centre done which is nice but we are starting a new project with night class this week, Laura Perin's Christmas Wreath. Three ladies will be stitching it so it will be great to see it come along. I have to get mum's and my canvas onto some bars so we can start.

An excitiment for today - I'm off to the Circus with Sonia. I know its not the russian or las vegas style but I am excited.

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